Posted by: Chris | April 25, 2010

The Many Faces Of Lou Piniella

Last night my friend and I had a discussion over Lou Piniella and his time here in Chicago as the manager of the Cubs. This got me thinking about some of his baseball cards that I own of him. So today, when I started looking through them, I noticed a re-occuring trend in his photos. So without further adu, I bring you, the many faces of Lou Piniella!

Happy Faced Lou


Angry Faced Lou

Excited Faced Lou

Dissapointed Faced Lou

And Finally, My Favorite:

Alergy Season Faced Lou (also known as overjoyed faced Lou)

Yes, Lou Piniella is a man of many emotions, and he has all sorts of different ways of expressing these emotions…just not in public. But hey, he’s an old-timer, he can do whatever he wants now-adays!



  1. Yesterday Lou looked like he really needed a nap. The Cubs were up by ten runs and rather than looking happy, he just looked “out of it”. They’re back home and the game isn’t until tonight so maybe Lou will be more refreshed. Hope the outcome is happy again.

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