Posted by: Chris | April 20, 2010

It’s Over

With last nights loss to the Mets, I am now certain that we are in store for a losing season. At the beginning of the year everyone was saying the Cubs would have around 74 wins but I didn’t believe them. I said that they will fight threw it and just edge out the Cardinals for first place with something like 88 wins. But after losing 2 of 3 to the Astros, and losing last night with arguabley our best pitcher on the mound to a well below-average team, I am certain the Cubs will finish third, if not worse.

It’s been awhile (relitively speaking) since the Cubs have had a truly terrible season (2006 to be exact) So it’s a little hard to remember how it felt, but after last night’s loss, it felt like something sucked all my love and hope for the Cubbies right out of me. I’ve been a Cubs fan all my life. I have a baby picture of me in a Cubs unifrom holding a baseball and a glove. I love the Cubs with a dieing passion and probably have an un-healthy obsession for them to be honest. But last night was just not a good feeling. I haven’t abonded the Cubs, I will never be able to do that, but I have given up almost all hope for the season, and that is something you should never, ever do as a Cubs fan.

Hopefully we can turn things around real fast, real soon, otherwise, the Cubs will enter a certain type of rebuilding mode, which, has been proven by the Orioles, to be quite a slow and grueling process.

Oh well, theirs always next year….



  1. I watch a lot of baseball. MLB network, Baseball Tonight, and any number of games on my MLB package or free cable. I have seen a bunch of the Cubs early in this season. There seems to be an “oh well” attitude that has invaded the team/organization. I don’t know who to blame. A prime example of this ‘attitude’ is their left fielder.
    I hope for your sake, and Cubs fans everywhere, that they turn it around.

  2. It’s a little early to give up on the season, but the April showing does not seem to bode well for the rest of the season. Which Cubs team will I see next Friday when I show up at Wrigley?

  3. Piniella had a private conversation with soriano last night about his attitude so hopefully thats taken care of…as for the rest of the team, this is why we should have kept Kevin Millar, especially because Chad Tracy sucks

    Steve, odds are you will see a pretty mediocre over-paid bunch of guys who are all on the decline in their careers either squeek out a win because of luck or get their asses handed to them by a real team.

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