Posted by: Chris | April 18, 2010

Yesterday Was A Great Day For Baseball Oddities

Yesterday, two things happened in baseball that are quiet noteworthy. First, Rockies Ace, Ubaldo Jimenez threw a no hitter, but walked 6 and struggled with control issues. At the start of the 6th inning, he pitched exclusively from the stretch, and completely outed his wind-up, something that has never happened during a no hitter. Jimenez threw the first no hitter in the Colorado Rockies 18 year history. Now only the Rays, Mets, and Padres have yet to have a pitcher throw a no hitter.

Another thing that happened yesterday was that the Cardinals and the Mets played a 20 inning game which lasted 6 hours and 53 minutes. The game was televised on FOX and for those lucky enough to have gotten that game where they lived, got to watch an extra 4 hours of baseball, instead of the other junk they show after the games. (Nascar I beleive?) The game went scoreless for 18 innings, until both teams scored one run each in the 19th inning, before the Mets won it in the 20th. The Cardinals, who ran out of pitchers, had to used Felipe Lopez and Joes Mather for a few innings, while Kyle Lohse came in to play left field, he recorded two put-outs. Mather recieved the loss, his first career pitching loss since his sophmore year of high school. Jeff Francour ended the insanity with a sac fly, and Mike Pelfrey got the save.

How about all this? Odds are we will never see  two historicaly interesting basbeall events on the same day ever again…

** Watch out Tim Kurkjian, I’m coming for your job! Ever since you screwed up on opening day by saying Dusty Baker was the Cubs manager, people are ready to replace you.



  1. Even more amazing to me was that the same thing happened on April 27, 2003. Millwood throws a no-hitter, and Cards-Marlins play a 20 inning game.

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