Posted by: Chris | April 17, 2010

A Trip To The New Card Shop

Last weekend I discovered that their was a card shop about 5 minutes from where I lived called Shoebox Memorabilia. I decided to go check it out yesterday. Here’s what I thought about the place,

When I first walked in, I noticed the decent size of wax they had behind the counter (something my current shop lacks in) I checked the prices, and, with the exception of 2010 Finest being $70 a mini box, everything else seemed to be priced quiet fair and even had some deals on Flagship products.I’m curious to know, how much is a fair price for a pack of 2010 Topps Jumbo? They had it priced at $16 dollars and I didn’t know if this was good or not so if anyone can help me I’d appreciate it. Next up, I checked out the display cases. They had a pretty sweet assortment of cards and had an insane amount of old-school cards from the 50’s and 60’s. Their single prices seemed fair enough, but nothing that was deal-breaking like my other card shop. Another cool thing about this shop was the atmosphere. They had alot of sports posters and framed pictures of Guys like Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle, as well as an old arcade machine and other fun stuff like that.

All in all, my first impression was that this is a pretty good place. I will deffinitly be coming back soon to grab a few packs and maybe pick up a Roger Maris card or two in their old-school case…



  1. at the weekly card show in my area, 2010 topps jumbos sell for $10-$12 per pack.

  2. Ok thats not so bad then. The rest of their prices for wax boxes and single packs (with the exeption of finest) were pretty good. They had 09 A&G at 4.00 a pack and all SP authentic was $5.00 a pack and Triple threads was $200 a box. I didnt check their football/basketball prcies but I assumed that they were priced the same

  3. Yeah, the shop by me has the jumbos at $13 a pack.

  4. thats not as bad as I was thinking time i go their i think ill pick up a pack or two. You seem to get a nice amount of cards and have a good chance at pulling something noteworthy…are the hat logo cards one per box?

  5. The lone local shop in my town had Topps jumbos for $13.50. Finest mini boxes were $60.00.

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