Posted by: Chris | April 16, 2010

Please Claim These Teams!

I really have to get rid of these cards ASAP! I need the box that the yare in so I can pack up all my PC stuff and store it. If you remember a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that we are renivating our man-cave, which is also the place were all of my baseball cards live. So now I must move everything into storage which means I need to liquidate these un-wanted cards. So if your interested in picking up some extra cards, heres what I have left:

I have about 300-400 cards of the following teams:


Blue Jays








I have about 100-200 of the following teams:






White Sox


Any team that isn’t listed above means I have about 50 of that team.

Here’s the deal guys, I’m not looking for an equal return on these. I am looking for a couple decent Cubs cards (any player/year/brand, it doesn’t matter) Or a couple of PC guys, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Samardzija, Dan Haren, Roger Maris. Or if you have a Cubs or PC player relic or auto,  Iwill give you up to 4 teams for one relic or auto card!

My main goal with this is to clear space, not to make a fair trade. As long as I can something half-way decent in return it’s all good to me. I also want to mention that their is NO JUNK WAX in any of the teams. Those cards are somewhere in the basement, probably crushed to death by other boxes of junk. So if your interested in any of the teams I have, shoot me an email or leave a comment and we can go from their. I hate to use my blog posts like this, but this is something that must be done or else I won’t be able to keep buying new cards.

Also, I would like to take this time to remind everyone about my contest/giveaway. I need someone out their to create an online banner of Xavier Nady, using the X-Factor nickname, whoever can make me one will recieve free cards (see the tab at the top labeled “Project X-Factor” for more details)

Thanks guys and I will have a real post up shortly!

Good Luck to the Blackhawks tonight!



  1. i’m in for the dodgers!

  2. Blue Jays!

  3. Roy, Ive got yours sitting on my desk so I’ll be sure to get them out to you, send me an email when you get a chance

    Jim- shoot me an email i think I still have your address

  4. Chris, what size would you want the Xavier banner to be? I’m a fan of the X-Factor myself, and would like to see what I can do.

  5. Roy, im looking for something similiar to the size/style that people use on the beckett message boards so if you can, take a look at those, otherwise let me know and ill try to get you the exact measurments, but something like that is just fine. Thanks

  6. Rangers please. I’ve got some Nomars for you.

  7. Sounds awesome! Send me an emai lwith your address and I can mail them right out to you, I’ve got aproximitly 120 Rangers. Thanks

  8. I’m interested in the athletics and astros. I have some cubs cards and others you listed. thanks.

  9. Tom, send me an email at and we can swapp addresses and go from their. Thanks for your interest.

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