Posted by: Chris | April 14, 2010

Upper Deck’s Greatest Gift To The Hobby

When you think of Upper Deck, odds are you’ll think of things like their ground breaking 1989 set with Ken Griffey Jr.’s rookie card, or you may think of their first ever “game used” cards inserted into packs of cards for collectors to chase. But Upper Deck’s greatest gift in their 20 year career is without a doubt the invention of sweet spot  autographed cards.

Wheather you’ve been a victim of fading autos or one who has found some great deals on these, chances are that just about every collectors has had some sort of experience with these. Some people like them because they have different parallels and variations to chase down for their player collections. Others have chased down legends and HOFer’s from Sweet Spot Classic. Either way, just about everyone who’s been in this hobby the last couple of years has seen sweet spot cards at some time or another.

The idea is simple. Have players sign these things and put them in the cards. Their have been baseballs, bats, and gloves. All ranging from different colored material to different colored pens used. (This is the reason for some of them fading after time.) The cards also sell pretty well on the secondary market like ebay and at card shows. You can pull a common auto of someone like Adam Laroche, and sell it on ebay for about $10 dollars. Or you can hit the jackpot and pull a Tim Lincecum or even a dual auto and cash in and retire early. (I can dream can’t I?)

Whichever way you look at it, the bottom line is, 50 years from now, when people look back on card collecting from the 2000’s decade, you can bet your collections that Sweet Spot cards will be a huge part of the discussion, because, when signed just right like the Rollie Fingers you see below, these cards look extraordinary.



  1. I Love sweet spot auto I’m really going to miss this set.

  2. yea I know, I was looking forward to maybe seeing Samardzija’s auto in this years SS. He had a base card in 09 so I figured he would graduate to an auto this year…

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