Posted by: Chris | April 10, 2010

Xavier Nady’s New Nickname!

Cubs’ new outfielder Xavier Nady really hasn’t done much with the few at-bats he’s been given this season. I believe the reason for his recent struggles lies within his name. Yes, that’s correct, his name. It has been my belief ever sine I was little that guys with weird names generally do not perform very good. (Albert Pujols has been the only exception to this rule in my lifetime however.) Even though Xavier Nady has had some success in previous years, I believe that the terrible name curse has finally caught up with him. That is why I prupose we give Xavier a nickname, because really, who on earth would want to be named Xaveir?! So, without further adu, Xavier Nady will now be refered to as,


It sounds so much cooler then Xavier, right? I can see a whole line of T-shirts, posters, and commercials with the X-factor being used!

So it my goal that by the end of the season, Xavier Nady will be called the X-factor, just like Alex Rodriguez is referred to as A-Rod or David Ortiz is referred to as Big Papi.

So please, help spread the word on Xavier’s newest nickname! The Cubs’ season depends on it!

 Please check out the new tab at the top and enter the contest to win free cards!


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