Posted by: Chris | April 9, 2010

Randy Wells Is Here To Stay

Last year, the Cubs’ rotation was hit with some key inujuries to guys like Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano. They needed someone to step up and fill the incredibly big shoes of those two pitchers. Well, when Randy Wells got the call to start, the Cubs thought that he’d just be a temporary fill-in until Zambrano was healthy again in about a week. Well, as it turns out, Zambrano was ready to come back, but Randy Wells wasn’t done pitching in the majors anytime soon. He was absolutely dominating all of his starts and had had three consecutive starts in which he didn’t give up a single run. Although it took him awhile to get his first win, don’t let that fool you as he deserved alot more then the 12 wins he finished the season with, just ask any Cubs fan who watched him pitch last year and they will agree with me that Wells should’ve easily had 15-16 wins at the end of the season.

When spring training came around in 2010, Randy Wells had locked up the number 3 spot in the rotation. But many thought that last year was just a fluke and that their would be no cance for Wells to repeat his excellent performence of last season. But as Wells made his first start of the season last night against the Braves, he changed the minds of many, including myself, as I admit I was thinking Wells would be Rich Hill #2. But after throwing 6 innings of shut out ball against a pretty solid offense and facing one of the premier pitchers in the game in Tommy Hanson, Wells gave the Cubs their first victory of the season.

It looks like Randy Wells has finally broken the mold of Flash-in-the-pan pitchers brought up by the Cubs. (i.e. Mark Prior, Rich Hill)


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