Posted by: Chris | April 6, 2010

It’s A Good Thing Jason Jennings Sucks…

Because his autograph is WAY to easy to forge.  If I was a Jason Jennings collector, I wouldn’t trust any auto of his that wasn’t signed in front of my own eyes. I’ve seen other bloggers like Gellmen and Mario post cards featuring some very poor signatures, but this one takes the cake as worst signature of all-time. If I was a major league baseball player, and especially a rookie of the year winner, like Jason Jennings, I think that I’d spend a little more time on my signature. Because this autograph is just plain lazy, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he has a trainer or assistent sign things for him.

I thought I’d also take this time to do a quick update on things. I haven’t posted in a couple of days, which is mainly due to all the other things In my life that have put baseball cards in the backseat for a little while. I’ve been catching up on all the stuff from when I was on vacation, and will be back to blogging in full force by the end of the week. On Easter I got a nice $25 ebay gift card that is already being spent on some much wanted Roger Maris cards (and another little surprise that ends tonight on ebay)

Also, If your exprcting a package from me, fear not, I haven’t forgotten anyone of you and everything will be going out tomorrow. I am so backed up on mailday posts that I think I’ve got some packages from a month ago to post  so expect alot of “from the friendly confines of my mailbox” posts this week. Thanks for all the support guys!



  1. I have an auto card of his that I pulled from a pack and it looks nothing like that.

  2. Do you have a scan of it? I’ll look on ebay and see what else I find

  3. Jason Jennings has a terrible-looking autograph, but that’s not what it usually looks like. Look him on on

  4. The one I got from him through the mail last season when he was with Texas looks nothing like that. The scan is here:

  5. Hmm, so It appears donruss must have forged Jennings’ auto then as I found 2 more crusade cards with the same auto, but after looking at all these other cards of his, they are different then the DC cards.

    Now I need to figure out the story behind were this JJ auto came from…

  6. Perhaps it’s more like a nickname autograph. I know I have a couple of certified Garret Anderson autographs in which he just signed them GA.

  7. Thats a possibilty I didnt think of…

    I no players like Johnny Cueto have used different sigs so something like that coulde happened.

    Another thing I thought of was this this was his rookie year so maybe he decided to change his auto after he won ROY

  8. One of Donruss’ gimmicks when they were producing baseball cards again back in the 2000s was having players sign a handful of variation autographs i.e. like the player’s nickname or maybe the school he went to instead of just their plain autograph.

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