Posted by: Chris | April 2, 2010

The Spring Training Autograph Haul

As promised in my last post, here are all the autographs I got this past week!

My friend heard that if you donate a canned food item at the Angels game, then you get a random autographed baseball, so we hit up the local Jewel and, after donnating three cans of creamed corn, we ended up with three autographed baseballs. One of my friends and I didn’t get anybody we knew, but my other friend got Howie Kendrick, so I guess overall we came out ahead. Here is the ball I got:

Sorry for the terrible scan, I had a tough time scanning the baseballs. I’m not sure who it is, so if anyone can figure it out and let me know, I’d really appreciate it. It’s for trade as well.

Next up, when we went to the Cubs vs. Angels game (At the Cubs park, but we deffinitely saw plenty of LA Angels this week) My friend got this autographed ball by a Cubs bullpen guy, but ended up giving it to me because he lost a bet on who would win one of the games we went to. (He picked the Rockies and I picked the Cubs for thursdays game)

Again, I can’t figure out who this is. He came from the bullpen and he wrote number 26, but that was Billy William’s retired number so obviosly he’s a minor-league call-up. If anyone can help figure it out, much appreciated!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist asking a few players for their autographs, when you get so close to them with no one else around, it just happens. Here’s what I got:

Kosuke Fukudome. He rarely signs autographs so I was very happy to get this one. His english has really improved since I met him when he first came to Chicago in 2008. I actually had a conversation with him!

The Cubs team leader and superstar, Derrek Lee! This one was amazing to get and I’m still in shock about it.

Cubs 2009 number one draft pick, Brett Jackson. Brett was really nice and awesome to talk to. He must have stayed and talked to us for at least 10 minutes at Fitch Park. He’s a really cool guy and man was he crushing the ball in BP. I hope he makes it to the Bigs soon.

We also went to the Giants vs. Cubs game at Scottsdale stadium and met up with one of my friends family. We waited for them at the player’s entrience and as we were waiting, Jeremy Affeldt walked by and started talking to us. He was really friendly and afterwards before he had to go, he asked if we wanted anything signed, so I had him sign my ticket:

Jeremy is hands down one of the nicest player’s I’ve ever met. He was so friendly and very funny too. Any player that asks if we’d like an autograph automatically becomes one of my favorites!

Finally, at every Cubs home game, their is a booth in which Fergie Jenkins, Rollie Fingers, Bert Campenaris, and a few others will sign autographs if you donate to the Fergie Jenkins Foundation, Fergie’s charity. So I went ahead and bought these for $10 dollars each,

Signed baseballs were $20, bats were $50, and any personal items were $20. I really wanted to get George Foster, who was only their for one day, but when I went to the table in the 6th inning, Bert Campanerias had told me that he had left early. Bert was very nice and even let me try on his World Series ring!

Gotta love all these amazing autographs! The thing I liked best about this was not getting all these autographs, but more-so talking to the player’s and getting to know them. It’s really cool to get to meet these guys who I watch play or have heard amazing stories about. That to me is worth more then any autograph I could ever get.



  1. What a great experience!!! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. The second autographed ball looks like it is of Dustin Sasser who will most likely start off in double a this year.

  3. Thanks Casey!

    Now I just gotta figure out the Angels autograph…

  4. I looked it up and the first ball is of Terry Evans.

  5. ah thank you very much for all your help Casey!

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