Posted by: Chris | March 28, 2010

The Dreaded Hiatus Bug Has Hit

Sorry folks, but unfortuneitly I will not be able to post anything this whole week. Me and some of my friends will be heading out to Arizona to watch the Cubs’ last week of spring training and I don’t think that i’ll be able to have enough time to write much, if any.

I will do my absolute best to try to post something sometime this week so don’t stop checking the blog!

While I’m at spring training I’m hopeing to get a good look at some of the Cubs prospects at Fitch park, as well as maybe meeting Jeff Samardzija and having him sign a ball or something…

I will have lots to post when I get back so expect to see alot of good stuff up next weekend. I have to finish the all-decade team, do my box review of 2008 Topps Chrome, and I have a few interesting topics that I’d like to write about, so don’t forget about this old blog! I think that I’ve built up a pretty extensive archive section so feel free to take a look back at some of the old posts and stuff, back when I had a total of 4 hits a day…



  1. I hope that you enjoy your trip.

  2. Take some pictures man.

  3. Will do guys, thanks alot, ill be sure to get some good action shots and hopefully post them here!

  4. Hi, I got the delgado today! Thank you!

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