Posted by: Chris | March 27, 2010

Ebay Idiots At Thier Finest

Ok at first, this auction got me so excited I almost peed my pants (Not kidding) Then, after reading the item description, I was able  to control my bladder. Here is what I believe to be the most confusing ebay item description in history. For those of you too lazy to click on the link here is what the description says:

This is a 2009 Topps Jeff Samardzija/Abe Lincoln Short Print! In the crowd Under Jeff Samardzija Throwing arm there is a Man Dressed up like Abe Lincoln. Comes with both cards seen in picture! Shipping is 2.95 and I only Accept Paypal. Thank You and Good Luck!


Ok, a couple things I spot that make this confusing.

-seller states it’s a 2009 card when the picture and title say 2010

-seller states the winner recieves both cards in picture, when in fact their is only one

-seller states the auction is for the Shark/Abe SP, but picture shows regular base card

So, if all of that isn’t enought to convince you that this guy is somehow trying to scam people who desperitely want this card, (AKA me)  then the fact that he has only had 5 transactions on his ebay account and that he listed the card for only one day  might be enough to scare the rest of us away. So, being the die-hard Samardzija collector I am, I send the seller an email: Here is what I sent him:

“Hello, I was wondering if I am bidding on the samardzija/lincoln SP or the regular base card? Thanks”

and here is what he sent me in reply:

“their is a guy dressed like lincoln in crowd. You are bidding on the card in the picture. I am giving you another one of the same card.Thanks for asking.”

Waht the hell does that mean?!? I figure he’s trying to scam people with this auction and he really doesn’t have the Lincoln SP. But with almost 3 hours left and no bids, is it worth it to take the chance and bid? Or should I stick to the saying of “if it’s to good to be true, it usually is”?

Anyone have any suggestions or help on what I should do?



  1. Sounds like a scam to me. Or else, he really,really isn’t very smart.

  2. He might be very dumb.. I say bid and file a claim if it’s the wrong card.

  3. There are tons of idiots like this on ebay that either don’t know what they have or are too dumb to get the right picture or express themselves in the description narrative. I guess the question is what are these SP’s going for? If you can win this auction for a buck go for it and if he doesn’t send you the card file a claim or ask for you money back. Having only 5 feedback is worring. I probably won’t waste my time.

  4. Guys I sent the seller another email, one that is worded more specifically, I’ll make an update when I hear back from him, If I don’t hear back though, I am proabably just going to bid and cross my fingers and hope its the lincoln.

    Cynical-they’ve been selling for about 70-80 bucks lately

  5. I stared and stared at the pic on bay looking for abe… I guess I see it now in your enlargement… Doesn’t seem like enough of a variation to even make it interesting, but if you think its real, buy it for a buck and relist it with the proper year, etc make some $$ on it…

  6. Don’t do it.

  7. Guys, read my new post on the update and see what you think is going on or if anyone has seen this before…its gotten pretty messed up

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