Posted by: Chris | March 26, 2010

The All Decade Team Part One

I’ve been wanting to make the all decade team since 2008 (yes I know, I have no life) So I figured that now would be the perfect time to finally make it. I will be doing the infielders today, the outfielders this weekend, and the pitchers and catcher early in the week. Since this topic is gushing with other people’s opinions and contreversey, please feel free to leave some comments with your thoughts. Here we go!

first base: Albert Pujols-Who else could it be? Ever since he broke into the Bigs in 2001, he’s done nothing but destroy the ball and he continues to build on his already hall of fame worthy career. Odds are Prince Albert will be the first basemen on next decade’s team as well.

second base: Jeff Kent- This one actually came pretty quickly to me. I mean, when you think second base, one of the most productive player’s offensively has got to be Jeff Kent. From his MVP season to his multiple playoff appearences, Jeff has really made a name for himself and he rightfully deserves this spot. He may not be as glamorous as guys like Pujols, but he gets the job done.

shortstop: Derek Jeter-Wheither you love him or hate him, you can’t argue with the fact that Jeter is one of the most popular players ever in the game. And, after reviewing the numbers, it’s well understood why he’s been the best of the decade, just inching out Miguel Tejada for the spot.

third base: Alex Rodriguez- Steroids or Not (steroids) A-Rod has had himself an amazing decade. He’s smashed homers ever year and is on pace to become the all-time home run king in just a few years. Very deserving to start on this team

designated hitter: Vladimir Guerrero-I had a tough time choosing only three outfielders so I decided to move Vladd to the DH spot, since he has had the most experience of the final four outfielder’s in that position. He just edged out Jim Thome for this spot. Vlad has had himself a very impressive and quiet career. He isn’t a poster-child like Jeter or A-Rod, but he gets the job done and has been more consistent then any other player this decade. He continually churns out 30+ homers and 100+ RBI’s a season and can still get the job done with the stick.

I will be revealing the outfielders this weekend, stay tuned!

Any thoughts on the team so far?


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