Posted by: Chris | March 21, 2010

My Newest Collecting Goal

I decided it was time to set a new goal for my collections. As most of you may know, I am a player collector first, and a team collector second, so I have decided to set a goal for one of my more under-appreciated player collections, that being my Roger Maris PC. Being as popular as Maris was, his cards are usually pretty expensive, so I don’t own as many as I’d like. Anyways, here is the goal:

I am trying to collect one Topps base card of every year Roger played in the big leagues, from 1957-1958. now, this doesn’t mean that these are the only Maris cards I’m interested in, if your looking to trade with me, I’ll gladley take any Maris’s wheather they be base, inserts, reprints, 1/1 Cut auto superfractor relic booklets (One can dream right?) But as for purchasing Maris cards, I am only going to be buying the cards from when he played. Another exception to this is that I will try to collect as many cards of him from 1960 and 1961, as these were his MVP years. Other then those two, I only want base cards.

The most challenging thing about this mission is that the cost of his earlier cards like the 1957 RC will probably set me back close to $200 dollars. Condition really isn’t a big issue with me, as long as it’s exceptible (i.e. no significant tears or extreme wear that you can’t read the card) Little creases or rounded edges don’t bother me.

If anyone out their can help me with my Roger Maris PC in general, as in any cards of his, It will be greatly appreciated!

So far, I have a 1961 and a 1967 Roger Maris card. 2 down, 10 to go!


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