Posted by: Chris | March 19, 2010

This Concerns Me

Lately, as some of you can probably tell, I’ve been getting hooked into reading the Beckett message boards after I play online poker, which may seem like a sin to some, but I actually quite enjoy reading about other people’s collections and TTM successes. But tonight, I found a thread that was quite interesting to me, it was someone asking the question “Which source do you use to price your cards? Beckett or Ebay?” Now, my first reaction was “dumb question, ebay of course, Beckett blows” But then it occured to me that since I was on the Beckett message boards, that alot of these collectors might see things differently, well let’s just say, they most certainly do. Thier have been about 6 comments so far, and all of them have stated that they use Beckett and that ebay sucks for pricing cards and making trades. Their most used case for this was that ebay’s prices are unstable and that it’s like a giant flea market to buyers. While this may sometimes be true in the case of a young star whose cards can go from dirt cheap to astronaumical prices in just a week, the same thing can be said about Beckett’s prices as well. If a player gets hot, then the value of his cards go up, right? So how is that ebay’s fault? Supply and demand, not a matter of source.

The reason that ebay is so much better then Beckett (besides the fact that everyone over their is a bunch of dopes) Is that Beckett isn’t A) reliable enough and B) Isn’t updated enough. As opposed to ebay, you don’t have a person who can change the prices of cards based on what free cards they recieve, ebay is based on one thing, demand by collectors, thus making it more reliable and honest then Beckett.

Anyone want to weigh in on this topic?



  1. Amen.

    I’m sure you get this from time to time, but people write and ask if I want to buys their CCs. I’m not opposed, but they usually want “book,” which is generally 3 or 4x what I could get the sane card for on ebay. And yes, it is disturbing that a) they think I’m that stupid or b) they think that’s in the up and up.

    PS: do you need the Fuld auto?

  2. I agree. With you. Not the Beckett homers.

  3. Jesus my typing is terrible.

  4. This will be one of those arguments that shouldn’t even exist and that you will never win. People over there have been drinking that kool aid since the late ’80s and it still tastes the same today. If I want to know what I can expect to get for or pay for a card I check thEbay. Instant up to the minute dead on accurate info every time! Besides, Beckett employs one market analyst per magazine, there is no way one person can even come close to covering this years releases let alone the rest of them.

  5. I look at Beckett the same way I look at Playboy. I’m all about the articles, baby… No wait…

  6. I love reading Beckett for the articles (much like Playboy…), but most people use it wrong as a price guide. They don’t realize that it’s just a GUIDE that shows a RANGE of prices. Also, Beckett only REPORTS on the prices, they don’t actually set the prices. So I take that to mean the analyst working on the magazine would visit eBay and Beckett Marketplace to gather prices for the magazine. Ultimately, cards are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for them.

  7. I didn’t understand the concluding part of your article, could you please explain it more?

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