Posted by: Chris | March 19, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox-Tons Of Relics!

I recieved two packages the other day which were both filled with tons of Cubs relics and some other goodies as well.

First up, I got a package from Austin over at Omega Wax. He sent me some pretty awesome stuff

Derrek Lee jersey numbered /125

Aramis Ramirez jersey

And, the main part of our trade was this beauty…

Dan Haren auto numbered /25!!! I love this card, I really wish Donruss would make Diamond King cards like these again…

Thanks alot for the trade Austin, enjoy your cards!

Next up, I made a trade with Mike over at BA Benny’s. He saw some Yankees and Mets cards in my for trade section and we managed to work out a trade. He sent me a nice stack of Cubs relics in return:

That D-Lee Icons card is my first Icons card ever and i’m likeing what I see from it. Can’t go wrong with legendary Cuts in that Zambrano relic either

And finally, some relics of the three biggest pitching failures the Cubs have had this past decade. Although in my mind, Kerry Wood turned out ok, but he could’ve been so much better had he stayed healthy…Don’t even get me started on Rich Hill and Mark Prior.

Thanks alot Mike it’s always a pleasure trading with you!



  1. hey, did you ever get my package? (cole hamels, verlander etc..)

  2. Yea yours arrived today, thanks alot! I havent had a chance to go back to the post office yet but I’m hoping to get yours out monday, sorry again for the shipping miss-hap. thanks

    • Ok no problem, glad you liked it!

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