Posted by: Chris | March 17, 2010

I Couldn’t Think Of A Better Card To Show Off For St. Patrick’s Day…

…Then the one below. While everyone else is busy showing off green cards and what have you, yours truly was thinking outside the box:

That’s right! Irish! St. Patrick’s Day! Bonus points for incorporating my favorite pitcher into a holiday themed post!…can you tell I’ve been celebrating St. Patrick’s day a little too much tonight!?



  1. Way cool!! If I had something like that I wouldn’t be showing Shawn Green cards. haha

  2. I’m officially jealous.

  3. Very nice. Do you think he will crack the starting rotation by opening day?

  4. honestly, it could go either way, theres 2 spots for 4 guys, they’ll take 1 lefty from either Gorzelanny or Marshall (deffinitly Gorzo) and one righty from either Silva or the Shark. Silva hasn’t pitched good this spring so maybe theres a chance they’ll give it to Jeff…but Lou doesn’t have much patience for youngsters not named Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol, and he already ruined Rich Hill and Carmen Pignateillo’s career’s…lets just hope that if Jeff makes the rotation, he stays there

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