Posted by: Chris | March 15, 2010

Contest Results Announced!

Here are the results of the show off your PC contest! Let’s start with the Top 4 honorable mentions”

5. Jason- Edgardo Alfonzo collection

4. GoBigPelf34- Mike Pelfrey collection

3. William- Orioles collection

2. Baseball Dad- Indians collection

And the winner and most amazing PC I’ve seen is….

Mr. Black! For his amazing and truly unique Nomar Garciaparra collection! Mr. Black found my weekness being a Nomar Garciaparra collector, it’s hard to call myself a Nomar supercollector when someone like this comes along and puts my collection to shame. He has so many Nomar cards and unique items signed and used by Nomar that it’s almost impossible to comprihend how he has that many things! Congrats to Mr. Black for his awesome collection!

Mr. Black, please email me so we can work out your prize details. Thanks to everyone for entering! I got to see some really awesome collections and people who are really devoted to a team or player. Overall, I had about 24 entries so it was hard to pick just 5. Keep up the amazing work guys!



  1. Woo hoo! The Mets take two out of three, and in actual Met fashion the final two out of three. Hahahaha thanks for the contest! I’ll email you in a bit.

  2. out of the 24 entrys, I recieved 8 Mets fans, 2 mets team collectors, 1 david wright fan, you, Mike Pelfrey fan, Mike Piazza/mets fan, 1 Tom seaver fan, and someone else who said they were a mets fan…must be a popular team 😉

  3. Wow…that’s some Garciaparra collection. Amazing!

  4. Congrats to Mr. Black !! Very nice collection !

  5. Awesome contest, glad that I got to check out that nomar collection, that was some crazy stuff! Congrats to everyone else, and thank you for choosing my for the top 5!

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