Posted by: Chris | March 14, 2010

Abe Lincoln SP Updates

So most of you have heard about the honest Abe variations to all the Cubs cards by now, in my first post on these I mentioned that their was a Samardzija version o nebay with a BIN of around $250, since then, 2 more have appeared on ebay. Here Here and Here. So let’s recap how each of the three went down:

-The first Abe card appeared for a BIN of $250 or best offer, the seller then lowered the BIN price to $180 and sold it for $145

-The second Abe card had a BIN of $149 and sold for $125

-The third Abe card has a BIN of $200 but the seller is willing to except around 80-100 for it, according to his email.

So, as badly as I want one of these SP’s, I do not have that kind of money to be spending on one card right now, so, unfortunelty, I will have to wait and wait an hope that the price drops to the$50 dollar range…. Unless someone out their wants to buy me one….(wink, wink, knudge knudge)

Their are also several other Cubs player’s with the Lincoln variation on ebay, most with BIN or best offer’s of around $100-$200, but their is a Milton Bradley auction that is currently up to $71 dollars with two days left, I am watching that to see how much it sells for…something tells me it isn’t a Milton Bradley Cubs fan bidding on it though…



  1. I think it’s all insane. Just like the Bush/Jeter cards of ’07. When the excitement settles down the prices will drop like a rock.Some people just have to get any gimmic that comes out as soon as possible. That raises the initial price. If we knew how many there are out there it could make a huge difference.

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