Posted by: Chris | March 13, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

I got some nice cards this week in the mail so I figured it was time to do a mailday post on it. Enjoy

First up, we have a Nomar Garciaparra jersey card from Baseball Dad over at Tribe Cards. This was part two of our trade we made awhile back, we swapped Cubs for Indians and we mae a trade in which I sent him an Asdrubal Cabrera relic and a Dan Danhem auto in exchange for this awesome Nomar relic. It’s numbered 007/100:

Next up, I got some cards from Ryan over at I Heart Halos. We traded Angels for Cubs and he sent me some really nice Cubs cards and in addition, knocked out some tough cards for my player collections as well, so I owe Ryan big time for his help,

He sent me all these cards that I needed for my Dan Haren PC, I really love the Ginter black bordered mini and the Sweet Spot base.

I was shocked to find that I didn’t have these Nomar cards! How could I have missed the SPX card of him? SPX has been a staple for me almost every year…And I call myself a Nomar Garciaparra supercollector….

And finally, Ryan sent me an awesome Samardzija card from 09 Goodwin:

Jeez, and I thought Tom Gorzalenny took bad photos! The base card of this is alot scarier then the minis are.



  1. Haren’s 2008 Topps Chrome card is one of his best

  2. I believe I have that one, Just pulled it out, it is a very nice card of his

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