Posted by: Chris | March 12, 2010

Start Checking Your Worthless 2010 Commons For Dead Presidents…

…Because they could be worth $250 dollars. Well, according to that seller anyway. I have not found much info on this Super Short Printed Samardzija variation with Abe Lincoln in the stands, but I will do my best to find out the print run and stuff like that.

Does anyone know if their are more like the Samardzija SSP?

You have to wonder, why Jeff Samardzija? Wouldn’t it be better served to do this to a player like Pujols or Lincecum? I don’t see the logic in it, but I do know that this means another extremely expensive card that i’ll have to track down.

Now I know what a set builder must feel like whenever they have to chase these short prints down…

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s an extreme close-up of the Abe Lincoln variation:

If anyone has this card and is looking to trade it, I will give you practically everything in my for trade section…maybe even my car…

UPDATE: It turns out that ALL the Cubs cards from 2010 Topps Series one have a lincoln variation to them, not just Samardzija. (Thanks to Mr. Scott for the info)



  1. I believe a good amount of Cubs cards have the variation.

  2. Your right, some of them like the bradley and the Dempster are obvious, but the samardzija one is almost impossible to see…I guess this is a good thing for Cubs fans like myself to collect we’ll have to see how the prices turn out

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