Posted by: Chris | March 11, 2010

I Suspect Foul Play

Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a tad bit, but it’s just because I’m upset over an ebay auction. Here’s what happened; Two days ago, someone listed the 2010 Topps Jeff Samardzija platinum parallel numbered 1/1 and listed it for 6 days. A day later, I find that the auction has mysteriously ended 5 days early, with no bids. I then emailed the seller asking him if the card was still available because I was interested in it, he then responded “no it is not” Now, this can be taken two different ways, it can be taken as “the seller has decided to keep the card for his own collection and does not wish to sell it” Or it can be taken as “Someone emailed the seller and offered him a nice chunk of change to buy the card without the risk of losing out on ebay the old fashioned way, therefore, the seller no longer owns the card and is unable to sell it to me”…..I’m sure most of you can figure out which one I took his answer as.

So I suspect that this seller did some illegal baseball card dealing behind the scenes and that is why the card is no longer for sale. I am still really pissed off that this whole thing happened because I would’ve won this card at any cost too. I was fully prepared to put in a $100 dollar bid to own this card. (I know, I’m nuts, it’s ok to laugh at me) But after I already own the base and the black parallel and the 1/1 blank back, I was ready to build a complete rainbow of 2010 Topps Samardzija cards, including the 1/1’s, which would’ve truly been an amazing acomplishment.

Or maybe i’m just a crazy conspirist who likes to think these things happen, even if I’m way off base with this.

Any thoughts out their on what to make of all this nonsense? Here is the seller’s ebay name and auction listing if anyone is interested.



  1. Yeah you are probably correct.

    That seller has just 5 sales though so the whole thing was a risky venture.

    Too bad you didn’t get it though.

  2. Tough call on a seller with a fgeed back of 5. Maybe he didn’t realize what it may be worth and didn’t want to risk losing it to a low bid. Keep an eye to see if he relists it or for that matter if anybody relists it.

  3. I saw this too and was watching it thinking of biddin on it.. I thought of you too haha

  4. Thanks swag! I’m always afraid when I post I card I’m watching on eBay that I get into a bidding war with someone trying to buy the card for me, making the price go way up haha

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