Posted by: Chris | March 7, 2010

Happy Throwback Day!

Just as I announced yesterday, today is on card autos’ first ever throwback day! So to kick off this amazingly fun day, you may have noticed some changes to the layout of the site. I will also be updating the blog several times throughout the day, much more then I have ever written in one day, and don’t forget that at the end of the day, I will announce a new contest, so let the fun begin!

The main reason I decided to start throwback day was because I saw this video on youtube a few nights ago:

Although this was much before my time, the reason I love this is because not only is Roger Maris my favorite old school player, but I saw this commercial a few years ago with my Dad and thought it was really cool. He told me all about how he had one similiar to this and he would always play it with his friends, basically the 1960’s version of a video game.

I have made it my new collecting goal to own one of the Roger Maris table baseball games. I will contine to scour flea markets and garage sales until I find that hidden treasure. If and when I do, You guys will deffinitly hear ALL about it.



  1. Nice! That piece would look so cool hanging in a sports room.

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