Posted by: Chris | March 7, 2010

Cubs Logos Throughout The Years

To continue with throwback day, I decided to showcase how my favorite teqam, the Chicago Cubs, have looked over the years. These are all of the Cubs primary logos starting with 1903.


And these are the Cubs alternative logos, which began appearing in 1942. Having two or more logos for a team is a very common sight now adays

My personal favorite primary Cubs logo has to be the most current one from 1979-present. It just looks perfect to me. As for the alternate logos, I really love the one frm 1949-1961. It reminds me of something from my Grandma’s house from when I was little, She always had a bunch of old knick-knacks lying around and I was especially drwan to a glass figure that looked exactly like this Cubbie bear.
Which logo is your favorite?


  1. As far as card designs, I have to go with the 50s only because 66, 67 and 69 Topps are so similar and used a lot of recycled photos (of course, 55 and 56 Topps was similar too).

    As far as Baseball in itself, I would go with the 60s because The O’s won their first World Series in 66. Brooks Robinson emerged as a star (winning the 1964 AL MVP).

  2. what no love for 68 topps? am I the only one who actually likes that card design?

  3. Haha, that’s why I left it out, I really like 60, 62, 64 and 68. 61, 63, 65 are ok too.

  4. I am probably the only person on earth that likes the 68 design more then the 67 design

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