Posted by: Chris | March 7, 2010

Contest Time!

Ok the moment you have all been waiting for. First off I’d like to say thanks for all the visits and comments on throwback day, it has been a huge success and I will deffinitly plan on another one in the future. Now here is the contest:

I want to see your collections. That’s right, I want to see your insane player or team collections. Do you have a PC that you’ve spent countless hours and dollars on ebay and going to card shows for? How about a huge stack of 1/1s of your favorite player? Or perhaps you just think your collection is very unique and special and want to show it off to the world? Well here’s how it works. Send me a few pics/scans of your collection, and maybe a little background info on why you collect what you collect. I will feature all the collections here on my blog as well as giving you credit and, if you would like, a link to your blog or email so others can contact you. I will then pick a winner based on which collection I think is the best and you will win the following:

50 base/inserts of one team of your choice

1 game used or auto of one team of your choice

and, in honor of throwback day, 1 card from the 1960’s or 1970’s (My choice of team, gaurenteed to be in respectable condition too)

So get your scanners ready and dig out some of your favorite PC cards! The Contest ends next Sunday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Monday, along with the top 5 recieving honorable mention. Thanks alot and happy Throwback Day!



  1. Great contest! I’ll be getting on it!

  2. I’ll send you some pics soon count me in!

  3. Great contest idea. Since my blog already covers the #5 type cards, I’ll scan stuff from one of my player collections.

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