Posted by: Chris | March 7, 2010

Battle Of The Old School Decades

When you think about the golden age of baseball and baseball cards, your mind automatically goes to the 50’s and 60’s, right? Why is that? Because those two decades are when magic happened. Player’s like Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, and Ernie Banks were at the top of their game. As for cards, some of the most iconic and sought-after sets in history were produced; 52 Topps, 55 Bowman, 60 and 61 Topps, and several others. Yea, it must have been real special to have lived in either of these two decades.

Looking back on it now though, which decade would you say is better and why? Was it the 50’s because Mickey Mantle and Willie  Mays broke into the majors and excited baseball fans everywhere? Or was it the 60’s when players like Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax lead the way for a more pitching dominated era? And which decade had the better baseball card designs? Leave a comment and let me know.

For me, I’d pick the 60’s. The decade started off with a bang when Maris and Mantle chased down Ruth’s home run record, and Musial and Banks paved the way for the great Cardinals-Cubs rivalry that is still going strong to this very day. Also, my two favorite baseball card designs ever were made, in 1960 and 1961 Topps. And, my all time favorite card was made, the 1961 Topps Roger Maris.

Which decade do you think was better?






  1. For design I’d go with the ’50s, hands down. Early ’60s Topps designs are nice, but the end of the decade is pretty weak.

    As for the baseball I’d go with the ’60s for the reasons you touched on.

  2. ’50s

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