Posted by: Chris | March 6, 2010

This Must Be The Year Of A Million

Most of you already know about the Topps million card giveaway, and for those of you video gamers out their, I’m sure you know about the million dollar 2k10 contest being held for anyone who can throw a perfect game in 2k sports’ newest baseball realese. What’s next? Upper Deck’s million inventory fire sale? Getting back on topic…

I for one, enjoy playing video games in what little spare time I have. I’m not a raging Call of Duty/Halo 3 sit in my basement all day and drink Monster by the gallons while playing online for 48 hours straight, but I am one who, when they find a fun video game, usually of the sporting variety, will get pretty hooked and play with one of my good friends.

So with that being said, I got around to going out today to pick up my copy of MLB 2k10, and will be playing it for a little while tonight to see how good I can get. Will I be setting up my video camera to try to record and achieve the million dollar prize money? No. Will I still atempt to throw a perfect game for the hell of it? Of course, for a little while though, until I get frustrated with it and throw it aside and waite for Madden to come out.

The rules for acheiving this million dollar prize are pretty complex. You must have the game for either the Xbox 360 or PS3, not the Wii. You must set up a video camera and have it running at least 5 seconds before you turn on your counsele, you cannot take more then 60 seconds between pitches and you may not pause the game at any time. The camera must show complete visibility of both the TV screen and your controller. You must then send in both the code you recieve once you complete your perfect game as well as the video of proof and mail it to 2k sports using overnight delivery (which will cost you almost as much as the video game) Then, if your lucky, you will recieve one million dollars for your amazing accomplishment. Simple right?

Anyone else out their a baseball video game fan as well as a collector?



  1. That type of stuff is always pretty bogus. They set the bar high, then make it so complex to cash in anyone who completes the task is almost sure to be disqualified.

    Anyway, since it’s a computer game, couldn’t they just rig the game from inside so you can’t throw a perfect game to begin with? It’s like offering a MASSIVE prize that they now will never be claimed.

  2. That’s way more complicated than I would have expected…. but then again, I haven’t played a baseball video game since Base Wars on the SNES.

  3. I got real in to The Show 08. I made myself a pitcher with all the pitches I could throw back in Legion/HS…but made myself 6’1″ instead of 5’5″…and won the Cy Young and pitched game 7 (and won it) of the World Series in my 3rd season. I lost interest after that.

    I also tried to be a closer once…like I was in HS, but struggled to get above AA with a sub-2.00 ERA and something like 45 saves in one season…that got a bit frustrating.

    I don’t understand the overnight shipping thing. 2KSports gains nothing from that (I actually despise 2KSports games). There should be a feature built into the game that records it on your console..then just send a file to 2K.

  4. Hi chris i’m going to send your package on Monday. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been pretty busy lately

  5. accoridng to the website, after you successfully throw a perfect game, a code pops up which you must enter at the site and it gives you something that you must mail in along with the video (wich is stupid if you have the code)

    I actually came close earlier today, I was pitching with Dan Haren and took a perfect game into the 7th with 2 outs but then gave up a hit to right center, oh well…like I said in the post I wasn’t going to go threw the trouble of setting up a camera for it so its not like it would have mattered.

    Austin-no problem, yours was mailed out today, thanks again for the trade!

  6. It’s definitely intriguing. With all the hardcore gamers out there today I feel like someone will claim this prize.

    All the rules and hoops to jump through to make it qualify won’t scare away the people most likely to accomplish the perfect game feat anyway.

    I hope someone wins.

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