Posted by: Chris | March 3, 2010

Cubs Sign The Next Jose Contreras

Today, the cubs signed pitcher Juan Serrano to a contract worth $250 K. The number of years signed is not yet announced. Serrano, who defected from Cuba in April of 2009 and had been in contact with at least 10 other teams, before signing with the Cubs.

Although Serrano doesn’t have has much hype as Contreras did when he came to America, their are some similarities between the two pitchers. Serrano is just 22 years old and is expected to start the season in the minors. He still needs some seasoning but with the right coaching, he is expected to be a decent pitcher that can throw in the low 90’s.

Although I like the signing for the Cubs, I really can’t get to excited about this. Most of the Cuban defects who play in the majors never turn out to be anything special. They usually have a good year or two and then fade out. Contreras had some success but quickly turned into a headache, Alexi Ramirez will never come close to his rookie number’s again, and I’ll be really surprised if Dayan Viciedo or Aroldis Chapman live up to even an ounce of their hype.

Serrano has no current cards, anyone care to make a custom?


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