Posted by: Chris | February 28, 2010

Baseball Cards From Across The Border

This is part 2 of the trade package from Baseball Dad. In addition to the wonderful Cubs cards he sent me, he also threw in a little something extra….

I give you, 2003 Donruss Estrellas!

This is my first pack of Mexican baseball cards, or my first foreign baseball cards of any kind! So let’s see how I did,

Base Cards

I got four base cards in the pack and, with the exception of the Odalis Perez, i’d say I didn’t do to bad. I love that I got a Greg Maddux too!


Ok, to be honest, I was never any good in Spanish, I hated it. In fact, I dropped Spanish one half-way through the year after getting a D. That’s how bad I was. Now, despite the fact that the only thing I can do is talk colors or numbers up to 20 with someone from Mexico, I am going to assume (and by assume I mean Google) That Novato means rookie, therefore, this Jose Castillo card must be a rookie card (This language isn’t so hard afterall, why didn’t my Spanish teacher use baseball cards instead of those boring textbooks?)

And finally, I got this super cool and super shiny Francisco Rodriguez insert. Not to bad for a free pack of Donruss Estrellas, Thanks again Baseball Dad!



  1. Very nice, I now know how to say rookie in spanish. Thanks

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