Posted by: Chris | February 27, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

These two packages have two things in common. One, they are both very over-due, I recieved both of them the same day, about a month ago. Two, they both contained some amazing cards! Check it out:

First up we have a package from Mr. Scott. I’m sure most of you are familiar with him, I have traded with him countless times and he even wrote his box break review’s here for a brief period of time. Here is jsut a small sample of his latest package to me,

He sent me some awesome Cubs cards from 2009 2010 Upper Deck. I kinda liek the design of those signature stars cards, but the hit of the pakcage was deffinitely the Bobby Scales RC from Bowman.

He also sent me a great deal of Nomar cards,

Check out that xfractor in the middle! One of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen, I can’t stop looking at it.

The next package I got was from Baseball Dad over at Tribe Cards. He sent me a HUGE box full of awesome Cubs cards. It took me a half an hour just to figure out which one’s to show here,

He sent me so many cubs inserts that I needed, that I had to completely re-do my Cubs binder!

And of course he sent me some Nomars,

And finally he sent me this awesome card,

I know that most Cubs fan will cringe at the name Mark Prior, but I am still one of the few fans tht still support him. Prior and Kerry Wood were the reasons I became a Cubs fan, I loved watching them pitch andin 2003, they were the most dominant pitchers in the game, which was terrific because the Cubs have never had any home-grown superstars before.

If anyone can tell me what the RJ is supposed to stand for on this card, please let me know, it’s been driving me crazy!

Baseball Dad also sent me something else as an added bonus, that will be featured in it’s own seperate post later on…



  1. Glad you liked the cards ! Try R FOR “Rookie Class” and J for “Jersey” !

  2. Gotta love them Cubs cards. Nice pickups. Weirdly enough, I enjoy seeing the old Cubbies logo on cards even though I’m not a fan.

  3. Baseball Dad- yea I though of that, but I have a card with the same RJ but instead of a jersey, its a bat…explain that!

    Derek-that gives me an interesting idea for a post later on……

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