Posted by: Chris | February 25, 2010

Still No Signs Of Nomar…

We are 4 products into the 2010 baseball card season and still no signs of a Nomar Garciaparra card. Now granted, he’s only been in Upper Deck products since 2007, but the fact that UD left him out of their flagship this year is a huge blow to Nomar collector’s, such as myself. It hurts to see my favorite player M.I.A from card products and it hurts even more to think that Nomar might get snubbed from ALL of UD’s products this year. This would be the first year in over 17 years without a Nomar card produced if that is the case. i’m not sure how I could handle that, to be honest.

Aside from Nomar’s cardboard absence, he still has yet to sign with a team, and with spring training already here, it’s looking like 2009 might have been Nomar’s last year in the bigs. If Nomar doesn’t sign with a team this year, then odds are he will retire from the game at age 35. It seems like just a year ago he was putting up monstorous numbers at Fenway and absolutely destroying opposing pitchers. I still consider him to be the best of the golden age of shortstops, and I don’t care what anyone says about it. No one good match Nomar Garciaparra in his prime. Just think of how good he could’ve been had he stayed healthy…

Just goes to show you, nothing is forever.


  1. Why has he appeared in UD only since 2007? any reason

  2. I have looked online, asked countless shop owners and dealers, even emailed Topps about it, but have never found an answer as to why he has been UD exclusive since 07.

    My guess is that Topps never renewed his contract for one reason or another.

  3. Nomar is awesome. I hate that he got injured. I think its still possible for him to latch on somewhere. Here’s to holding out hope.

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