Posted by: Chris | February 23, 2010

Is Everyone On Ebay An Idiot?

I just don’t get these people. Sometimes the world just doesn’t make sense no matter how much I try to figure it out.

Last night I made an offer on a 2008 Topps Jeff Samardzija silk card. The seller is asking $22 dollars for it, which by the way is ridiculous conisdering they don’t even sell for $10 dollars anymore. I made him a very generous offer and instead of excepting it like a smart person, he sends me a counteroffer of $22 dollars, his exact same Buy It Now price. Now maybe I’m the one who doesn’t get it, but if I made the seller an offer instead of buying it now, then what makes this seller think I’d want it for the exact same BIN price? Why on earth would you send me a counteroffer of the exact same BIN price instead of meeting me half-way or something close to that?

The worst part is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. If you recall, when I made an offer for a Samardzija printing plate, the idiot seller sent me a counteroffer of BIN price.

Yet another card I won’t own thanks to another ebay idiot….


  1. I really think it’s time for eBay to get rid of the “best offer” feature. I’ve never successfully used it, and I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone say that they had.

    $22 is ridiculous. I didn’t even spend that much for my 2008 David Wright silk card when I bought it last year.

    The good news – unlike the printing plate, there are 49 other copies of the silk cards out there.

  2. Yea I know I have wated so long and just haven’t had one show up and the silk card is the last one i need for my rainbow so I guess I jumped at it but yea I am through with the best offers and will stick to bidding from now on

  3. I got 2 $1.50 cards for $1/card once. But that’s really not the same.

    Cards with print runs of 50 or less often lead sellers to play the “LIEK OMFG ONLY1 ON EBAY!!!11” card. I see it a lot as I am trying to find some red refractors one bay as well.

  4. Yes, everyone is an idiot on eBay.

    Also, is the Best Offer feature optional? If so, it’s the auction holder’s fault for selecting this feature and then not abiding by it. Either way, it’s ridiculous.

  5. Agree with Madding. It’s frustrating when a seller puts the best offer feature on their auction and then doesn’t actually use it for that purpose.
    Good luck finding one of the other 49.

  6. Madding-yea its optional the seller choosess if they want it or not.
    You’d think that with all the changes ebay has made recently and how they have made the buyer’s lives so much easier, they would have changed something with their terrible BIN/BO system ebcause really, it does need a LOT of work, mainly the reason I only use auctions when I buy/sell on ebay, its just so much easier and less time-consuming

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