Posted by: Chris | February 22, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

I got some mail the last few days, two of them are from trades and the other is an ebay STEAL that I was so lucky to have won.

The first package is a trade in which I sent a team bag full of Red Sox cards for this awesome card:                                           

This is the second  contribution to my Maris PC he has made, and I always like trading with him, Thanks Alot!

Next up, I got a package from William of Foul Bunt. William and I have made several trades before and we are basically at the point where everytime we get a card the other needs, we just mail them out to them. He sent me this amazing card for my Cubs collection:

This is my first Ryne Sandberg rookie card and all I can say is, wow! I have wanted one of these for a longggg time but never wanted to spend the $8 dollars or so to buy one so when William had one for trade, I found enough Orioles cards to send him in return for this beauty. A big thanks to William for the card!

Fonally, I got a card I bought off of ebay that I was really glad to have won for such an amazing price. I bought a 2010 Topps  Jeff Samardzija black parallel card the other night when the price finally dropped to under $10 dollars. This is a huge decrease from the $25 dollars that the first one sold for a few weeks ago. I was shocked when I won the card for only $6.22 with $2.50 shipping. After winning the blank back 1/1 a few nights ago, I decided that I might as well try to complete the rainbow now while their are so many of these black parallels being posted on ebay.

I now have the base, the black /59 and the blank back 1/1. If anyone has the silk or the gold /2010 and would like to trade them, please let me know, I will give just about anything for either of them.



  1. Glad you like it. Hope to work out another trade in the future!


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