Posted by: Chris | February 22, 2010

Comparing My PC Stats

A week ago, I recieved a comment from Chad, a reader who in his comment said that he too was a huge Jeff Samardzija collector, like myself. He also listed his collection stats which I found both awesome and truly remarkable. Here are Chad’s numbers for his Jeff Samardzija PC:

certified autographs: 40/58 -60%

1/1’s: 40 (holy shnikes!)

total cards: 300/278- the problem with this statistic is that Beckett is completely behind on updating their Samardzija cards (go figure) My guess is that their are probably about 350 cards of Jeff. So about 85%

Those are some truly amazing numbers and I applaud Chad for being so persistent with his Samardzija collection. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into him, he has sold several cards of Samardzija on ebay in the past, some of which I bid on. His most famous listing was an incredible 32 card lot, all of Jeff Samardzija 1/1’s. He also has 3 of the 5 2007 Bowman DPP Jeff Samardzija red parallel’s in his collection.

So how do my number’s compare to Chads?

Well, they aren’t to pleasent. But I figure some of you are curious so I guess I’ll show them anyway.

certified autographs: 12/58 -21% I also have 2 in-person autos

1/1’s: 3 (holy…ouch)

total cards: 64/350-using the same number of estimated total Samardzija cards; 18%

See? I told you that my number’s were terrible compared to Chad’s. But that really doesn’t bother me. Yuo see, I am very proud of my collection, I don’t have a single card in it I dislike, and i’ve never over-payed for one of them. I’ve always made sure I felt comfortable with each card I bought (something I neglect to do with my Nomar Garciaparra collection) If anything, Chad has inspired me to keep adding to my Samardzija PC and to continue making it special. He gave me that spark that seemed to have been missing from buying card’s of Jeff for the last week or so. I will continue to explore other options such as Check out My Cards and other websites so obtain cards I need.

Who know’s? Maybe one day, I’ll even own this beauty:


  1. Kinda strange… if he’s that big of a Samardzija collector, why was he selling all of those 1/1s?

  2. Not sure but all of them either had BINs of pretty hefty prices or they had a reserve on them…

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