Posted by: Chris | February 21, 2010

The Cubs Bench Just Got A Lot More Fun

What do you get when you add one of the games greatest personalities to one of the greatest pranksters in the majors? You get the Chicago Cubs bench of course! Last week, the Cubs signed infielder Kevin Millar, who is known for being one of the funnier more loose guys in the game, basically the anti-Milton Bradley. He will be joining Cubs legendary prankster, Ryan Dempster on what is looking to be just about the most comical and all around hilarious benches in the game. You also can’t forget about Carlos Zambrano. Even though most of the country knows he has a temper problem, ask any Cubs fan about his crazy handshakes with guys like Soriano, and of course, little Mike Fontenot. For those of you not formiliar with it, he pretends to hammer Fontenot into the ground, then picks him up and pulls him out, then piggy-backs him to the other end of the dougout.

So with Bradley gone, and guys like Dempster and Millar around, the Cubs should be a lot more easy-going. Even if their slumping, it’s nice to have a guy like Millar pick you up, then a guy like Bradley bring you down.



  1. Millar’s a great clubhouse guy and a great addition. The Red Sox ’04 team wouldn’t be the same without him!

  2. Hey everybody it’s great to be here out in Mesa, Arizona…I love it out here’s it’s just like Chicago only there’s a bunch of cactuses…Go Cubs!

    -Ryan Dempster, 2005

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