Posted by: Chris | February 20, 2010

Tigers Sign Johnny Damon

Today, the Detroit Tigers signed outfielder Johnny Damon to a one year deal worth $8 million dollars. This is certainly a dissapointment for Damon, considering he recieved two different multiyear offers from the Yankees, both of which were worth more then the 8 million dollar deal he signed with the Tigers. You’d think Damon would’ve learned from his former teammate Andy Pettite that once the Yankees make you an offer, TAKE IT! Because even if you don’t like it, you won’t make more on any other deal out their.

As for the Tigers, I am kinda on the fence about this signing. On one hand, you get a reletively fast guy with some pop in his bat, but if you think about it, the Tigers basically signed an older, more noodle-armed version of Curtis Granderson. I realize that the tigers got a haul for Granderson, but I thought the point of trading him was to start movign towards rebuilding, not signing more old timers like Damon.




    Now no more talk of Damon EVER. Spring Training has arrived! PLAY BALL!

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