Posted by: Chris | February 19, 2010

An Awesome Addition To My Samardzija PC

The last hour or so has been one of the most nerve-racking hours of my week. You See, I haven’t purchased anything off of ebay in nearly a month. I was being so good, watching as cards I would’ve liked to have owned sell for next to nothing, but I was determined to remain a good little boy and not break my streak.

Then, this card hit ebay. I was determined to win it for several reasons. 1) I have a weird obsession to own everything Jeff Samardzija related and 2) I had never seen one of these Topps Vault blank back cards before and with it being a 1/1 of my favorite pitcher, I had to have it. Now becuase I hadn’t bought anything in awhile, my PayPal account was getting fatter and fatter with all the selling I was doing, so I decided to put in an incredibley large offer (Large to those on a tight budget anyway) And hoped for the best. Well it turns out the good Lord was on my side tonight as I won the card for a somewhat reasonable price.

I can’t wait to recieve it in the mail. This is just the third 1/1 in my Samardzija PC, and is the first non printing plate 1/1.


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