Posted by: Chris | February 18, 2010

Million Card Giveaway Results

Ok so today I figured I would finally get around to redeeming these stupid things. I had 4 codes to redeem so I wasn’t expecting anything exciting. Here are the results:

Redemption #1:

Denny Martinez. I knew I’d get junk wax…

Redemption #2:

1967 Joe Nuxhall! Sweet a card from the 60’s! Even if I have no clue who he is, still better then junk I guess. Anyone know who he is? I’ll gladly trade this for a 1967 Cubs card if anyone is interested.

Redemption #3:

O darn, just when I thought my luck was changing, more junk wax. At least I got a Hall of Famer!

Redemption #4:

1973 Larry Dierker. Ok so I guess I could live with this. This card is also for trade if anyone got any 70’s Cubs they don’t want.

There you have it. 4 redemptions and I didn’t get a single card worth the shipping charges. All 4 are for trade if anyone has any Cubs or Roger Maris cards (Although ‘m sure know one would want to give up a Maris for the junk I got) Or if anyone got a Nomar card they don’t want…

Did anyone else get anything exciting?


  1. Joe Nuxhall — youngest player to ever play in a major league game, made his debut in 1943 at age 15… you have, I believe, his final card… pretty cool, no?

  2. Wow that is pretty cool actually, thanks Jeff! Maybe I’ll have this one shipped to me now.

  3. I put a trade offer on a Nuxhall for a 67 Ken Holtzman if you are interested.

  4. Benny, yea I’m all for that trade I’ll go on tonight thanks

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