Posted by: Chris | February 15, 2010

Is This Taking My Collection A Little Too Far?

While surfing ebay today, I came across an unusual item of Jeff Samardzija. If you were a die-hard player collector like myself, wouldn’t you want one of these to put up in your basement or man cave? Now, I’m not an expert on light switch cover’s, but I would guess $5 dollars is a reasonable price for one of these.

Now in all seriousness, I only considered purchaseing this for a breef moment,  then reality set in and I thought of all the Samardzija cards I could buy with that $5 dollars. This does bring up a good discussion topic though; If your a die-hard player collector, aiming to be the best and you saw one of these on ebay, would you purchase one of these provided you had somewhere to put it?



  1. I think I’d pass. It’s definitely unique, but I wouldn’t want to look at it every time I turned off the lights.

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