Posted by: Chris | February 14, 2010

What Does He Do With All His Jerseys?

Late last night, while I was visiting the beckett message boards, I came across a thread about someone who was complaining that the player they collect, Manny Ramirez, has to many game used memorabilia cards out and that he was sick of chasing all of them. This got me to thinking about one of the players I collect, Jeff Samardzija, and how it just dawned on me that he doesn’t have a single game used card to his name. I double-checked the beckett database just to be sure I wasn’t missing something and sure enough I was right. He has several different autographed cards, but absolutely zero game used jersey or bat or helmet or even jock strap cards. (Not that I’d want one of those, but you get my point)

Jeff has been in professional baseball since 2006, which means he has 4 years worth of jerseys hidden somewhere, untouched by any of the baseball card companies.  So what’s the story behind the missing Samardzija jersey cards? Did he not sign a contract with any of the card companies saying they could have some of his game used aparrel or does he just save every single jersey he’s ever worn and keep them in his basement?

I am curios to know if/when a company makes Samardzija relic card, what it will sell for. I would image the first few that hit ebay will come close to double digit prices, then slowly come back down to earth at around 4-5 dollars each with shipping.

Are they any other players out their that don’t have a relic card yet?


  1. There are tons of players that don’t have relic cards. Some — Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano comes to mind — are lucky to get one baseball card each year.

    Players do not get to keep their uniforms unless the team gives it to them. The Mets and Yankees sell off their equipment – Steiner gets the Yankees stuff, some other outfit handles the Mets stuff.

    The Cubs are either sitting on their stuff (unlikely) or selling it off into the hobby somehow.

  2. I just did a quick search, on eBay only, and found a few players I knew I hadn’t seen any of yet, but the most surprising of all were Pablo Sandoval and Travis Snider.

    Also – do an ebay search for Travis Snider Letter Patches…there’s way too many. Might be some fakes floating around out there.

  3. Paul- I know the Cubs auction off a ton of their stuff for Cubs Care, but obviosly the companies get some jerseys for relics, not sure why their isn’t any Shark relics yet though…

    Roy-Sandoval is a big surprise, I would figure he would have a relic from bowman draft at least, does he have any in 2010 Topps? He was 3rd in the league in average so I would assume he’d have a peak performence relic or something, right?

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