Posted by: Chris | February 14, 2010

2010 Topps Break-A-Palooza!

If you were reading the comments yesterday, on one of my posts I mentioned that I would be heading to my local target to buy me some 2010 Topps with some gift cards I had that were burning a hole in my wallet. I picked up 1 blaster, 1 rack pack and 1 regualr pack, all of 2010 Topps. Here are the cards I recieved:

Base card highlights

Nothing special here folks, just thought I’d show of some base for whatever reason. I’d also like to note that in all 3 forms of product I bought, I only pulled one Cub card and it was of Rich Harden, nice job Topps…

Legendary Lineage

Not really a big fan of these cards, they don’t do much for me.

Turkey Red

I really don’t need to say much about these. Everyone loves them and for good reason, they are probably some of the nicest looking cards of the decade, I would love it if they brought back the refractor versions too.

When They Were Young

I have mixed feelings on these cards. On one hand I like seeing ballplayers as regular old little kids, but on the other I don’t really need these types of cards.

Tales/History Of The Game

These are pretty nice, bonus points for pulling Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out

I like these. It’s cool to pull some blasts from the past and to read about the player’s rookie card status on the back. Their’s Mr. Cub again too! My only complaint with these is I kinda wish they would be a little harder to pull, I guess it would make them more appealing to me, not really sure why though.


Crapollaaa!!! I hate these things, I didn’t even bother to scan all of them.

Million Card Giveaway

I. much like thousands of other collectors, will be redeeming these tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for something good! I’m not selfish, I’ll settle for a 1960 Roger Maris or a 1961 Billy Williams rookie card. We don’t all have to get those 1989 Heathcliff Slocumb cards, right?

Commemorative Patch Card

Hey, I’m just glad I didn’t get the Curt Schilling patch card!

So their you have it. A blaster, rack pack and a regular pack of 2010 Topps. Not much, but at least it was fun. If your interested in any of these cards, all of them are for trade except the Ichiro which has already found it’s way on to ebay. You can check it out here if your interested.



  1. Sadly, I’m pretty sure we’re all getting Heatcliff Slocumbs.

  2. Hey, nice cards. I did a Jumbo box break if you want to check it out on my blog.

  3. A pretty decent lot of cards. I did a jumbo box break and I posted a description on my blog at

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