Posted by: Chris | February 13, 2010

The Topps Million Card Giveaway Madness Is About To Begin!

On Monday, thousands of collectors will begin redeeming their MCG codes for Topps cards from the last 50 years. Some will get awesome 50’s and 60’s cards, but the majority will probably get stuck with everyone’s favorite, 80’s crap-o-la!

I only bought a handful of packs so I only have 1 MCG code to redeem on Monday, but for those of you who bought a box or 2 of this stuff and probably have like 10-1 codes, will you be redeeming them or selling them? They seem to fetch a pretty penny on ebay, which is deffinitly a safer route to take when your code might be the one for a 1989 Jody Davis card or a 1990 Paul Assanmacher base card. In a way, these cards are sort of like the lottery, on one hand, you have a code that is gaurenteed to fetch you a few bucks on ebay, but on the other hand, you have the possibility of hitting it big with a vintage Topps card or totally busting out and getting a junk wax card that isn’t worth the cost of shipping.

By the way, Topps will charge you to have your cards shipped to you, hopefully they won’t charge the outrageous fees like they do for eTopps cards.

Here’s a little promo video of the Topps MCG to get you physced up for the big day!



  1. I’ve got 24 and I plan to redeem them all.

    I expect 22 cards worth 3 cents, one card worth $1.50, and one card worth $5.00. No reason why.

    I consider these things freebies so I won’t be disappointed no matter what.

  2. Wow 24 of them? Please leave a comment here letting me know what you got I’d love to here about it or link to your blog or something. I would hope out of the 24 you get at least one valueble card.

    I’m going to stop by target today after work and pick up a few packs so hopefully I get one or two of them, among other things.

  3. I only have 4 so far, but I plan to redeem them.I will post the results.

  4. K…ya I will post the results on my blog, I think.

  5. Well it’s 8:45 AM on 2/15/10 and the Topps site is still not open for the codes to be entered. I have 88 of them to redeem…I want my cards!

  6. I only have 4 and i will see what i get whenever they decide to open the site lol. If they are worthless i dont see the point to pay for them to ship worthless junk to you so if i get junk i will not take them

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