Posted by: Chris | February 13, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

I got two really awesome packages the other day, and they both had some really nice Nomar cards in them, check it out!

The first package was from Chris, a reader who had a few Nomar’s as well as something else he thought I might be interested in….

Here are the Nomar’s he sent me:

And here was the main part of the trade….

WOW!!!! A 1967 Topps Roger Maris card! What a beauty! I had to trade Chris a bunch of relic cards to get this but it was well worth it and I am really happy to add this card to my collection. This is only the second vintage Maris in my ever-growing Roger Maris collection and it is deffinitly one of my favorites. Onne of these days I will do a post on all my Roger Maris cards and show them off.

Next up, I made a trade with Roy over at The Paper Chase. We swaped Cubs cards for Blu Jays and Rockies cards. Take a look at some of the cards he sent me,

roy sent me some awesome Cubbies cards. I love the Sosa die-cut and the Mark Grace Skybox Metal card.

Roy also sent me a bunch of Nomars I needed for my collection. Check out the Topps Tek card on the top row. That card is absolutely stunning and looks 10 times better in person. Roy, that card will be joining my special Nomar card on my Nomar shelf in my man cave, thanks a lot for the amazing card, dude!

And last but not least, Roy sent me this Aramis Ramirez jersey card from UD Goodwin. Thanks again for all the awesome cards Roy! I will be mailing your package out this week so look for it soon.


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