Posted by: Chris | February 11, 2010

This Guy Is A Real Ebay Idiot

While checking ebay for Jeff Samardzija cards that are M.I.A. from my collection yesterday, I found a 1/1 printing plate of Jeff that I wanted. The seller had a BIN for $44.95 or best offer. I decided I better act fast before it sells so I went ahead and made him a best offer of $25.55, because the last Samardzija plate sold for $20.00 and before that sold for $27.00 The seller then sends me a counter offer of $44.55, is original starting price, and then ups the BIN price to $54.95, ten dollars more the the initial by it now, and makes it seem like I’m getting some kind of deal because the cards value magically went up $10 becuase the seller recieved some interest in the card. So after this I’m thinking this seller is one of those crazy book value losers who are trying to cover the cost they paid for the box with this one card. Then, I decided to send him a counteroffer of $37.55, completely not worth it, but again, I wanted the card. He then rejects my offer and sends this me this message

“its a 1/1 press plate…and a 2007 TRUE ROOKIE….its priced to sell……….with 2.95 shipping….that makes $45 delivered for this……..otherwise when the season starts i will hope he plays and then i will get $100”

In your dreams buddy! Even His best autogrpahed rookies don’t sell for $100 so keep dreaming and let me know when you come back down to earth and are ready to except a reasonable offer. Unless he gets some drunken moran to buy it, he will never sell that card for what he’s asking for it. By the way, 2007 Just Minors isn’t a “true rookie” of Samardzija, but whatever helps you sleep at night i guess…If you didn’t want to entertain a best offer then why waste both my time and yours and put it on their?

I find it really hard sometimes to make sense of people’s stupidity….

If anyone is interested in messing with this guy, you can find this amazing action listed here



  1. This guy reminds me of one of Bad Wax’s Craigslist Idiots.

  2. You right total doosh.
    rookiesquantities has sent you a counteroffer for the following eBay item. You have 48 hours or until the listing ends to consider the offer.
    JEFF SAMARDZIJA Printing Press Plate 1/1 BGS Rookie RC
    Offer price: $56.95
    Buy It Now price:
    $56.95Buy It Now
    Offer expires: Feb-13-10 14:41:49 PST
    Seller: rookiesquantities [contact seller]
    His counter offer was the same as his buy it now offer.

  3. I’m not going to argue with his pricing – if he thinks a one-of-a-kind card is worth that much and won’t take less, then he’s got to be right.

    But he clearly doesn’t understand the purpose of eBay’s “Best Offer” feature.

  4. But it’s a dick move to start your card at $44 and then after he gets an offer, raises the BIN to $54 and gives me a counteroffer of $44, and he tries to make it look like he’s giving me some kind of deal or something, but in reality, just being a jerk. That’s what really pisses me of, the initial starting price was fine with me, that’s why I made him an offer.

  5. I went to that jackballs listing, to mess with him … he ended it.

  6. Yea I just checked it, he relisted it for $56 dollars instead of $54, but then ended it, I kinda hope he relists it, if he does I’ll write a post on it or update this one or something.

  7. Thank God he didn’t accept your $37 counteroffer. I wouldn’t want a jerk like him to be rewarded with a sale.

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