Posted by: Chris | February 11, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox-A Mailbox Full Of Nachos

Unfortunetly, their weren’t any nachos in my mailbox, just a package from Nachos Grande, but one can dream can’t they? We decided to swap Reds for Cubs a few weeks ago and here the highlights of the cards he sent me:

The Ragin’ Cagin Connection! What a great way to start of this mailday post! Both Theriot and Fontenot played baseball at LSU and were double play partners, just as they are on the Chicago Cubs. If only Fontenot would step up his game, then we would have the coolest middle infield in all of baseball…

Next up, we have 6 cards that range from three different decades. Thier is some old school cards on top, with some new school cards on the bottom, and the Kerry Wood is a perfect example of in-between school goodness.

Finally, the best card I got from the trade was this:

This awesome looking Rich Hill jersey card from 2009 UD spectrum. I bought tons of Spectrum in 2008, but didn’t purchase a single pack of it in 2009, this is only my third card ever from 09 Spectrum so it’s good to have some variety in my collection!

Many thanks Chris, keep up the good work with your amazing blog that always makes me want to run out and grab some Taco Bell…


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