Posted by: Chris | February 10, 2010

2010 Upper Deck: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I figured that with all the buzz about the new 2010 flagships being out, and both sets very well liked by the collectors, that I would go ahead and do a quick analysis of each flagship, starting with Upper Deck.

THE GOOD- 90’s style die-cut inserts

The All-World and Pure Heat inserts that UD produced this year are outstanding, and, possibly a tad bit underrated. For someone who loved 90’s cards, this is certianly a great blast from the past and hopefully, a little taste of whats to come in the near future from UD.

THE BAD- Boring relic cards

These relic cards are very plane and boring, not to mention quite similiar to Upper Deck’s relic design a few years ago. I know they really don’t have many options because UD can’t use logos, but they could’ve come up with something better then that, right? Last year topps stepped it up by making manufactured patches in their blasters instead of worthless relics, unfortunetly, Upper Deck didn’t seem to catch on…

THE UGLY- Weird Celebrity prediction cards

I don’t think anyone has made an in-depth rant about these disgusting cards, so please, alow me to be the first to do it; These cards are UG-LY! Nobody liked it when UD did the presidential predictions in 2008, so why on earth do they think we’d like celebrity predictions in 2010? I don’t care how many kids you think Brad and Angeline will adopt this year or how many times Paris Hilton will get knocked up in a month. I care about baseball cards, therefore, I want to see baseball cards when I open packs of UD, not celebrity crap.

Anyone else have any interesting thoughts on Upper Deck’s 2010 flagship?




  1. Ugly

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