Posted by: Chris | February 6, 2010

He’s Your Problem Now Toronto

Today, former Cubs closer thrower, Kevin Gregg, was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays. Kevin was lucky that Milton Bradley played the same time he did or the fans would have run Gregg out of town within the first few months. He was absoulutley horrible and couldn’t pitch to save his life. He had no movement on any of his pitches, and his curveball is flatter then mine! He would literally thorw it right down the middle and let the opposing hitters crush it. How he managed to get 20something saves is behond my comprehention. 

I have always liked the Blue Jays, theirs just something about them that makes me root for them. Maybe it’s because I like having a Canadian team in baseball or that they play in the AL East, but I’m not sure. I really hope Toronto can fix this mess that is Kevin Gregg.



  1. Adios Mr. Gregg. Don’t come back now ya hear!

  2. But we don’t want himmm

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