Posted by: Chris | February 6, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox-Son Of A Bip!

I don’t understand it. I was always so careful when trading. I made sure not to trade with the wrong crowd…I always thought this wouldn’t happen to me…sure it could happen to any other guy, but not me. Well as it turns out, I was wrong….


Oh the humanity!

That’s right folks, I was bipped, I was bipped hard by Steve of White Sox Cards.

This means war now! I wasn’t going to get sucked into all this bipping nonsense but this is an outrage!

I blame Thorzul for all this insanity….

Oh yea, Steve also sent me some other cards, including this one…

Unfortunetely I cannot appreciate the beauty of this card because it is overshadowed by the chaos of the Haren bip.

Steve, all I can say to you is be carefull everytime you go to open that mailbox of yours…


  1. I saw multiples of a rookie card of a player you collect and I couldn’t resist. Hopefully that and the Hossa game jersey softened the blow.


    Be honored. You are the only person I have bipped. I wasn’t going to get sucked into it either, but I blame Thorzul too. LOL

  2. Its like the plague! Bipping is spreading to everyone and once someone gets bipped, naturally they will give it to someone else and it keeps going!

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