Posted by: Chris | February 5, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My (Overstuffed) Mailbox

The other day when I saw the huge pile of mail waiting for me when I got home the first thing I thought of was “how on earth did all this fit inside my mailbox?” Then I thought “Oh boy, cards!” And got to opening them.

First up, I got a package from Jason, a reader who emailed me and said he had both a Kerry Wood jersey and a Nomar bat card I didn’t have. In return I sent him some cards he needed for his Jose Canseco pc. Here are the cards he sent me:

I am building quite the impressive Kerry Wood collection from trading. This is like my 10th K Wood relic card. I also really love that Nomar card, it’s hard to see from the scan but it really pops out at you.

Next up, I got a package from Steve. We decided to swap Cubs for Nationals which I seemed to have an overwhelming amount of for some reason. Here is a small sample of some of the cards he sent me:

He sent me some awesome parallels that I needed. The Jacque Jones is numbered /57 and is only my second black parallel card.

He also sent me this amazing card…

Next up, I got a package from Ed over at Roll Out The Barrel. We have traded before, but this time we decided to swap Cubs for Brewers, which was easy for me to do, considering the Brewers are evil. Anyways, he sent me some really nice cards…

Ed really gave my Kosuke Fukudome collection a boost. I am only a few cards away from completing the 2008 and 2009 Topps rainbows of him.

Thanks for the trades everyone! I hope you all enjoy the cards I sent you. Thank and remember to check out my for trade section or send me an email if your interested in making a trade.



  1. Hi.

    If you’re referring to me, I didn’t send you those cards. I’m still working on your package…but you’ll receive it soon.


  2. Uh Oh..I’ll have to double check the return address on the enevlope, sorry about that Roy.

  3. Noo problem. I’ve got your’s sealed and ready to go…it’ll go out with my Ebay orders if I ever get paid, or as soon as possible.

  4. No problem Roy, take your time, haha you shoudl’ve justy not said anything and let me think you already sent me your package, would’ve saved you a few bucks in shipping 😉

  5. I got the cansecos today, I’m always in love with new cards. Enjoy good sir!

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