Posted by: Chris | February 4, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox- Cubbies Goodness

Last week, I recieved a HUGE box in the mail from Tom over at Lets Play 2. To my surprise, it was packed with Cubs cards! We agreed on an old Cubs for new Cubs swap, as I needed some of the older Cubs and he needed some of the newer ones. Man, was I surprised with what he sent me, I didn’t count them, but their had to be at least 800 cards in the box, almost 60%  of which I needed. Here are some of the highlights:

Tom hooked me up with some sweet 90’s goodness. I especially love the Mark Grace Finest card and the Sosa UD MVP card. I love these kinds of cards and always enjoy adding new ones to my collection.

Tom also sent me a bunch of Nomars I needed. He sent me a total of 16 Nomars cards that were missing from my collection.

Tom, thanks for the great package, I will mail yours out ASAP. Thanks!


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